Why to Choose Gobuzy, For Custom Software Development

Why to Choose Gobuzy, For Custom Software Development

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When it comes to Software Development for any business or enterprise, we would like to speak about satisfying clients first. There has always been a gap between the expectation of the client and the delivered product by software development companies.


Already there are multiple products for almost any type of business, but, none of them will fit the needs of each and every client.

This is because everyone who is running his or her business has different requirements according to the products and services which he or she is offering. So, the key element to making a client happy is to customize the software product so as to fit them instead of just having a generic version.

To make the product work, you need the Best Software Development Company in Noida and Delhi NCR, which focuses on its client's requirements first and always delivers something which is far beyond their expectation.

One other thing to consider also is communication. In most cases, the client seldom sees the software provider. In such an environment, reporting is the key. Daily or at least twice a week reporting is important to make sure things are on track.

The changing face of business software:

If you started a new business a few years ago you would probably have bought an office which suits to help you in running your business. This would contain a word processor, a spreadsheet application, a presentation tool, and maybe a drawing package and database program too which helps to operate the software easily.

Then you'd spend time setting up these applications to suit your business needs specifically. That meant creating templates for documents, using spreadsheets as invoices, building presentations for clients, and then also using the software they can fulfill their daily needs.

Office suites usually didn't include an accounting package, so you'd have to buy that separately, along with any specialist software, otherwise, the basic requirements can be fulfilled using this software.

This all worked quite well, but there were some major problems in traditional kinds of software,

Five reasons why traditional software doesn’t work in today's world:

1) Jack of all trades but master of none means lack of specialization--->

These software were designed for every business, which meant you were paying for features that you might never use. They also used a lot of computing power because they were so big and ultimately slowed down the speed of your speed.

2) Upgrade delays and other issues:

Most software was updated every year or after a very long time, so you'd have to wait a long time for a new feature you really needed. Also, these kinds of software contain a large number of bugs.

3) Poor Inter-connections:

Connections between the software packages in traditional software were reasonably good, so you could import spreadsheet data into your word processor, for example. But connecting to other applications, such as accounting software, was much more tricky as sometimes it might work, sometimes not.

4) Expensive to use and implement it:

Offices have never been cheap, especially the ones from big software companies. For a small business on a budget, the cost could be a real problem.

5) Licensing issues per post:

Office suites were usually sold on a per-user basis and they meant to be changed daily. You often had to decide how many licenses you'd need and pay for them up-front. Not ideal for a growing business, so no general idea can be applied to any business.

Things have been changed, and now there's a better way to get the right product for your business or your company.

Always keep one line in your mind, "For smaller businesses, the one-size-fits-all package is no longer the ideal option."

The new world of business software:

Office suited software is still available today, and many companies find them useful. They're especially popular in larger organizations, where in-house IT teams can configure them in bulk to suit their users and their daily utilities.

But especially for smaller businesses, the one-size-fits-all package is no longer the ideal option. The explosion of apps in the past few years has given small businesses much greater choices to choose from.

Now you don't need to buy an entire office suite just to use ten percent of its features and let the other part be wasted completely. Instead, you can buy individual apps that provide everything your business needs, often at a much lower price and can save both your time and money.

Seven ways to make custom business software work for you(ALWAYS):

So how do these business proposed software apps work, and what are the benefits? We've compiled seven of the main points here in a brief detailing:

Pick and mix the software you need

Maybe you need a CRM application but not a word processor, or an accounting package but not a spreadsheet so it all depends on what you need exactly. That's easy – pick and choose what you need, not what a software company thinks you need because no one can know your requirements for your own business better than you.

Find specialized software for your business which supports your business requirements and needs:

Plenty of software products are written and coded by small development companies to solve specific problems. Chances are, one of them has written an app that does exactly what you need – and if they haven't, you could ask someone to write or modify it. Search the software marketplace and see what turns up which can do any kind of betterment in your business.

Get fast upgrades and bug-fixes to maintain the speed of your software:

Small, nimble development companies can upgrade their software much faster than big software houses as they work on relatively small projects and it would be easy for them to maintain and update the upcoming software. That’s also because they're only working on a tiny fraction of the code. It's much easier to update a time-tracking app than an entire spreadsheet application.

Join it all together:

Business products should be designed by keeping in mind that they can be easily integrated together. Some of the best can connect to more than 300 other add-on applications or software products to finally drop down the idea which one is thinking of. So you instantly have access to 300+ extra features that could be ideal for your business needs and minutely detailed requirements. You can build a solution that suits you perfectly and accurately.

Scale it up easily

If the business is booming and you're taking on more staff, then the major thing is that It should be easy to add more users to cloud-based business software – and the best accounting software or spreadsheet software allows you to add unlimited users for free so that your business can grow with you.

.Benefit from a fast-changing market

It's a great time to be a user of business applications because the market is changing so fast and rapidly. Today, Thousands of developers are competing for your business, trying to create the best software for you to use. No other software market offers such a wide range of business tools, and it's growing all the time and by 2025 it is expected to grow by 37% minimum.

Access your software anywhere, anytime

Many of the better products are cloud-based, which means you can access them from your laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone or literally by sitting on a beach on goa. This lets you keep up to date with your business wherever you happen to be, any time of the day, night, or any kind of weather conditions.


Data stored virtually in a central location from where it is easier to back up. That means web-based software can significantly reduce your risk of business information loss. What’s more, experienced network administrators monitor this kind of software by watching for security threats and protecting your customer information from cyber attacks and cyber fishing. This kind of protection is not as readily available for desktop software that runs on multiple PCs and other devices.

Running outdated software can be a security risk and can severely impair your business tasks. The good news is that the maintenance is easier with web-based software. Instead of relying on your employees to perform updates to desktop applications, your software provider does the work. Once updates are pushed to the host server, the most up-to-date version of the program is available via the web-based platform from where it can be easily downloaded. There’s no need to call tech support or take time out of your workday to download updates and then resume your work after that.

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