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E-Mail Marketing

E-mail is the best and cheapest way to convey your message these days. Almost everyone has an e-mail address nowadays, which makes it a vast marketplace for business owners. Email marketing is an inexpensive way of communicating lucrative messages and stay in touch with them. This seems to be advanced way on your most recent arrangements to connect your audience.

E-Mail Marketing

Here is the problem

The problem is that most of the e-mails are never even opened by customers,but with us you need not to worry anymore because we have fully targeted inbox mail delivery with zero spams with high open and click ratio.

Why to Choose Only Gobuzy For It?

Our email marketing application helps businesses in getting fully qualified communication with your customers, and Our responsive email templates are compatible on all the devices and are appealing to the targeted audience. Our services provide a proper engagement with their customers both inbound and outbound. We also use numerous testing to run a successful email marketing campaign. Testing is an important part of the process in the campaign. It basically deals with subject lines, email templates, campaign schedule etc. Our responsive email templates are like minded on all the devices and are attractive to the targeted audience. Ayon team develop landing page for the email campaigns, so we don't miss any opportunity of catching a lead. We regularly optimize that landing pages. We keep a track on the behaviour of the targeted prospects by monitoring the click, open and conversion ratio.

We have a whopping 40 crore subscriber database along with a bulk mail capacity of sending 4 crore mails per day.

Amazing features of Gobuzy’s E-Mail Marketing Service:

  • Regular maintenance and upgrading of contacts list.
  • Our team religiously follows the guidelines given by Gmail,Yahoo,Rediff and other mailiing service providers.
  • Not only this, unlike other marketing companies we assure you guaranteed leads,open and click ratio on a fixed mail count.
  • We create and design compelling e-mails customized according to your business needs.
  • We have a detailed demographic distribution according to age,area of living,gender,income etc which helps you to reach your target audience and increases your conversion ratio.
  • Apart from sending targeted e-mails,we also do follow-up mails to interested customers ,which finally helps to close them.

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