Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a very important technique that helps search engines fetch and rank your site higher than the fellow competitor sites in response to the user's searched keywords but getting higher ranking in search engine result page is harder if you don’t find the Best SEO Company and Services in Noida & Delhi NCR, which is a really tricky task.

But at gobuzy, we have India's best SEO experts team which will deeply understand your business needs, and then accordingly we will plan all the required methods to boost your website ranking in the results page. We understand what makes a website more attractive, readable, and understandable and what content pops out on the search engine pages once you hit that search button!

Our SEO Experts will work on your website to identify the best suitable and appropriate keywords selected specifically according to your product or service which will eventually help you optimize your site by developing appropriate and highly targeted content for your targeted audience.

Our experts know how search engines work and the most important thing is that what people are searching for, so they will recognize the actual search terms or the necessary keywords which can be integrated with your website's so that whenever someone searches for anything relevant according to your website's data, your website will automatically show up in the search results on the search engine pages.

Our team will also implement highly optimized content and pictures which will make sure that your website will load as fast as possible and get ready to work. We always make sure that the material is top quality and fresh and provides a sufficient number of backlinks which can eventually help you to increase your website's traffic.

For Getting Higher Ranking in Google, We follow Both ON Page and OFF Page SEO Techniques

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ON-Page optimization includes optimizing a website internally like its content, URLs, Device friendliness, adding keywords, mobile-friendliness, and many more. So that it ranks higher on search rankings for the specified targeted keywords search.
Also note that ON-Page SEO methods are very critical and crucial, as they make your website more attractive and appealing to the users as well as the search engines and once search engines start recognizing your website then it automatically starts promoting it.
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OFF-Page SEO services are the work that is done separately from the website means it is completely segregated from the website. Just like in elections it is all about hype like that this practice is done to increase the awareness of your website.
This type of SEO process deals with things that affect the perception and general of your company and brand in organic search results. Popularizing your links and bringing people's attention towards your business and brands is a common practice of the OFF-Page SEO process. A good SEO service provider must always take care of all these mentioned points.

Gobuzy, SEO professionals have a good understanding of both techniques like link building, Mobile-friendliness, Content Optimization, and many more. We take care of all the activities regarding the promotion of your website via ethical and effective methods that lead to an increase in organic traffic and overall visibility of your business among the search engine's results.

seo audit for the website
SEO audit for the website

Our team conducts an in-depth SEO-audit, thereby understanding the errors,flaws in your website and also form the desired goals and target to prepare a final audit report.

Understand the business goals

Everyone has different goals for their business, we ask you lots of questions to figure out your exact needs and then we prepare a final strategy to achieve those goals.

seo optimization
SEO Optimization

After auditing your website and taking your requirements now we start the actual optimization of your website. We do it by adding

mobile friendly websites
Mobile friendly websites

With increasing number of mobile phone users nowadays, to establish a successful business you need to have a website that performs well across any kind of platform.We help you to optimize and make your website responsive according to mobile phones.

increase the traffic
Increase the traffic

Traffic and customer’s attention is everything when it comes to business. We help you to grab the eyeballs of customers by adding valuable and informative content in your website and doing off page optimization to increase the speed of your website.

social media
Social Media

Create a business profile on social media and share informative content with attractive images to increase brand awareness.

Benefits Of Seo Optimization
brand awareness
Brand Awareness:
To grow your Business online, Branding is more important for visibility in the marketplace. SEO increases your brand value to reach the audience to know well about your business online.
boost your ranking
Boost your ranking:
If your website is not listed on the top in search engine, SEO technique is an important one to boost your website ranking high in search engine result page to generate leads for your Business.
Rule Marketplace Online:
When the buyer is looking for product/services, If you are in the top position in search results you can succeed to generate the leads easily more than your competitors.
Increase Traffic and Sales:
Through SEO we bring traffic to websites easily, optmize the website to load faster that makes the user to reach the website and through USP you can increase the sales.
Mobile friendly:
Keep your website mobile responsive , If the loading time is faster and have worthy content on your website the bounce rate will be high and it boost your ranking.
Landing page optimization:
When the user enters into the website and gets back quickly the page ranking will be down. Optimize content, images, and videos so the audience can spend more time in the web page.
Conversion and Leads:
The website is important to generate leads for your business. We make the user to land on the website and make him engaged with content to improve the conversion rate.
Through SEO we bring traffic to websites easily, optmize the website to load faster that makes the user to reach the website and through USP you can increase the sales.
brand awareness

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With the help of our SEO services, you can rest assured to witness more growth, more traffic, more keywords, more sales, and more leads. In short, you will get everything more than you have ever expected. With more transparency, we are offering affordable and effective SEO services in India and abroad.We work actively with our associates and partners to provide the best SEO services in different countries. We have hundreds of leading brands in our clients’ base, loads of happy customers, and thousands of top-ranked keywords. So, you can stay assured that your business is in safe hands.
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Online Reputation Management (ORM) SEO Service

As the name implies, Online Reputation Management refers to managing reputation and corporate identity of a business or even an individual on the web, on social networking sites, and on Search Engine Result Pages. It is also known as Corporate Reputation Management or Brand Reputation Management. With ORM, you can promote the positive image of your brand, influence SERP results, convert customer decisions, and keep track on your reputation.

Local SEO can make your business found by the customers in your city. You might be missing out on a huge amount of sales and clients if your business is not showing up on Google. It is very vital to improve visibility of your business.


Understand Your Business

Understanding the business needs and requirements of the customers

Keyword Analysis

Based on the Business, Product or Services, we analyze the keywords that to be targetted

On Page Optimization

We target the keywords in URL, Meta title, description, and Image tags to boost your ranking.

Content Optimization:

Organic Search is 70% dependent on content. Having fresh content with targetted keywords helps in ranking.

Schema Optimization

We add Local My Business schema, article schema, blog schema, video schema, product schema.

Mobile Optimization (AMP):

We design and develop mobile friendly websites & also create AMP pages to load faster in mobile devices.


On-page SEO refers to tactics utilized on or within a page to assist it in ranking higher in the search engine. On-page SEO includes both content and the HTML source code of a page (image optimization, keyword optimization, Schema markup, and more), but not external links and other external signals.

As we discussed earlier, SEO is always changing. But the biggest change continues to be the shift toward mobile. Mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher (51%) than desktop digital media time (42%), and that number is set to continue to grow. Google recently made mobile page speed a ranking factor. Going forward, if you haven’t already done so, you should look into Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s becoming more and more paramount to make sure you have no mobile usability issues on your site.

Keyword research helps you determine the keywords for which you should optimize the current and future pages of your site. For example: if your new small business sells employee scheduling software, but you discover that “employee scheduling tool” has higher search volume and lower competition than “employee scheduling software,” you might want to change the copy on your website to reflect that. Keyword research is a way of determining which queries people are entering into search engines so you can publish pages that will show up as results for those queries.

Yes! If you’re not familiar with HTTPS, it is essentially a more secure form of HTTP. Look up at the URL of this page. See the “https” at the beginning, and the word “Secure” to the left of it? Google looks on pages like these favorably. Not only does it index HTTPS pages first, but it also recognizes HTTPS as a ranking signal. HTTPS is also faster than HTTP, which can affect click-through rate. So yes, changing to HTTPS should positively impact your rankings!

Yes! Sorting your pages into categories can help prevent individual pages from competing with one another.

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