Mobile App Development (Android & iOS)

Why Mobile Application is necessary in Today's Scenario?

Smartphones are the easiest ways to reach out to new brands, which is why more and more businesses are building their own apps. Hiring a mobile app development company to make a custom app will help you reach out to more people too. You can express what you do, what you sell, or make an app for employees only. Check out all the reasons why you need Gobuzy to help out.

When was the last time you opened your laptop to search for something on Google? We all use our phones because it is more convenient. This simple fact is making companies create their own app. If people want to know about them, they can simply look for details online or download their app. It is way more affordable and effective. A mobile application development company can help you create your app and exhibit what you do. Gobuzy helps you sell, solve queries, and get closer to customers in no time.

Process We follow

Requirement Gathering

Requirements elicitation (also known as Requirements Gathering or Capture) is the process of generating a list of requirements (functional, system, technical, etc.) from the various stakeholders (customers, users, vendors, IT staff, etc.) that will be used as the basis for the formal Requirements.

UI/UX Design

Through our Strategic UI/UX practice, we articulate UI/UX vision and orchestrate our activities around it. We set strategic direction, define our proposition, align us to the environment and pave way for a turnaround.


A mobile app prototype is an preliminary visual mock-up that looks like a real app, and that demonstrates an app's fundamental design and function, but does not contain working code. An app prototype can be as basic as sketches on paper or as high-fidelity as a clickable, digital model that works on your phone.

App Development

After examining the sketches ,the developer will start working on the developing part.All the functionalities would be incorporated as per the usage of such functionalities by.

Quality Assurance

By aligning tools & methods to sort out why and what of design as we believe design is essentially a strategic activity. The proper functionalities is utmost important aspect for developing the app.


We deliver the proper tested app in order to assure about the proper functioning of the app.Our team motive is to deliver the product coherent with the envisioned outcome.

Support & Maintenance

We are experts in providing post sale services as if any glitches are resolved in the way of design ensuring there are no awkward hand offs.

Our completed Projects

  • GPS Based Real Time App Development
  • In App Purchase, Push Notifications
  • Barcode Scanner based App Services
  • Pharma Application Development
  • Visitor Management Application
  • Finance/Banking App Development